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Face It! Theatre Company is a non-profit 501(c)3 engaged in promoting innovative and inspiring theatrical work that is critically informative and socially relevant.   Through theatre, we seek to challenge standard ways of seeing and experiencing issues, thereby stimulating in-depth conversation on both a community and (when applicable) a more national level. In selecting performance venues, Face It! Theatre endeavors to bring the arts to all areas of the community, rather than insist that the community come to a fixed theatre establishment.  We particularly seek out less privileged, less well known parts of Greater Binghamton. All of our productions are free, so that people of all incomes can attend. In traveling this diverse terrain, Face It! Theatre seeks to connect people of varied social backgrounds, fostering cross-community conversation about pressing and complex local issues.  


Casting for Face It! Theatre will be open to all members of the community, from high school and college students to people who regularly act and those who wish to act for the first time.  Most plays will be written in house. 


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